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International philatelic exhibitions of 2015
28 December 2015

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KEP continues to present its philatelic products to the wide international community. During the second half of the year 2015, company representatives have visited the biggest specialized exhibitions in Europe: Prague (September 3 - 5), Warsaw (September 11 - 12), Berlin (October 17-18), Sindelfingen (October 29-31), Paris (November 5-8), Verona (November 27-29) and Monaco (December 3-5).

We have already told(link) you about exhibitions in Prague and Warsaw. Prague was very hospitable with all participants of the philatelic forum called "Sberatel", which is held annualy in the capital of the Czech Republic. The hosts did their best to satisfy all needs of exhibitors and numerous visitors of the exhibiton.

In comparison to "Sberatel" in Prague, the specialized numismatic and philatelic exhibition “Monety Expo" and "Fila Expo” in Warsaw was less massive, but had its own benefits. KEP representatives had a possibility to meet and discuss important issues with postal organizations of Poland and San-Marino. KEP delegation was led by the CEO of the company, Mr. Baisariev, who, besides the exhibiting issues, was interested in establishing fruitful cooperation with the deisgnated postal operator of Poland - "Poczta Polska". KEP delegation received a top-level reception at the headquarter of the Polish Post. The two parties discussed operational collaboration of two companies, as well as perspectives of joint activities in terms of issuing postage stamps.

Germany is known to be one of the strongest philatelic empires of the world. This country hosts several significant exhibitions annually, with many German, as well as international participants. We have already written about the Essen stamp exhibition. As for the capital of Germany and also the city of Sindelfingen, we were amazed by how much attention German organizers spare to children. There was a big space in the exhibition hall, alloted to teens, where various contests, quizzes and funny games where carried out. No wonder, there were many young people among the stands visitors. As we know, the «ageing» of stamp collecting followers is one of the serious problems of the world philately. Obviously, the German philatelic society not only realizes it, but also takes certain measures to overcome this problem. By the way, the postal operator of the Federal Republic annually issues charity stamps, aiming to support the youth philately.

In the capital of France, every year (in Spring and in Autumn) the so-called Philatelic Salons are held, attracting many visitors. We are happily announcing, that the KEP stand was extremely popular during the Autumn Salon in Paris: many visitors where interested in Kyrgyzstan, a country that is distant and unfamiliar for French people; and some, on the contrary, shared their warm memories of visiting Bishkek and other places of our republic.

Probably, the stamp exhibition in Verona, Italy, was the one that amazed us the most. We were surprised by the size of the exhibition hall, located in such a small town. The organization in Verona was of the highest level, many details where thought through, considering both exhibitors' and visitors' interests. The KEP stand was visited not only by a great number of collectors, but also by the management board of the exhibition, who expressed their admiration of KEP stamps (especially the miniature sheet, dedicated to the birth anniversary of the great Dante Alighieri). They also insisted that KEP participated in the next philatelic exhibition in Verona, which would take place in Spring 2016.

Unlike Verona, MonacoPhil-2015 was much smaller; however, it gathered true professionals of philately. KEP representatives had a great chance to meet with the representatives of catalogues, online platforms, trading companies, as well as artists who create postage stamps. The anniversary (10th) exhibition in the Principality of Monaco was also special for its presentation of some remarkable rarities of the world philately. Among other, visitors had a chance to contemplate the British Guiana stamp (issued in 1856), which was sold in 2014 for 10 million US dollars. Representatives of the Royal Philatelic Collection brought some interesting polar-themed exhibits. The KEP representatives had a chance to give our souvenir sheet, dedicated to the 175-year anniversary of world's first postage stamp, to the director of MonacoPhil, Mrs. Enza. As you probably know, there is a quote in French, on the sheet borders, that belongs to Prince Rainier III of Monaco, who was the father of the present reigning monarch of the state, Albert II. We hope that the souvenir sheet will become a proud member of the philatelic collection of the Principality of Monaco.

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