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Historical and Cultural Ties between Kyrgyzstan and China. Li Bai
28 June 2017

The 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kyrgyz Republic and the People's Republic of China is celebrated in 2017. A new issue of two KEP postage stamps, included in a special miniature sheet, is dedicated to this anniversary.

China and Kyrgyzstan are neighboring countries, with friendly relations. Mutual understanding and support have developed between them. China was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Kyrgyzstan. After the establishment of diplomatic relations at the embassy level, bilateral ties between the two countries entered a new stage of development. The PRC and Kyrgyzstan are closely related geographically, they trust each other in the political sphere, supplement each other in the economic field, and develop cultural and humanitarian relations.

The theme of the new KEP issue is the centuries-old historical and cultural ties between Kyrgyzstan and China. It was decided to dedicate the KEP miniature sheet to Li Bai (701-762), the great Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty, who was born in Suyab, near the modern city of Tokmak, in the north of Kyrgyzstan. Undoubtedly, for our country the fact of the birth of one of the greatest poets of all time on the territory of present day Kyrgyzstan is a matter of special pride. Li Bai is called the "immortal genius of poetry" and his works stand alongside those of Dante, Petrarch, Nizami, Firdowsi, Shakespeare, Goethe and other geniuses of world poetry. The literary heritage of Li Bai comprises about 1,100 works, of which about 900 are poems.

The new KEP issue was implemented with the active participation and support of the International Public Foundation "Li Bai", operating in Bishkek. We are very grateful for the advisory assistance from the foundation's employees, especially Ermek Suranaliev.

KEP expresses the hope that the new issue of stamps, dedicated to the historical and cultural ties of the Kyrgyz Republic and the People's Republic of China, will contribute to the continued development of friendly relations between our peoples and will mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries.

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