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Newsletter no. 65
09 December 2020

The Anniversaries of Great Personalities

Newsletter no. 65

On December 14, 2020 the State Committee of Information Technology and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic puts into circulation a series of Kyrgyz Express Post postage stamps and a souvenir sheet: “The Anniversaries of Great Personalities”.

Ivan Bunin, 150th birth anniversary. Ivan Bunin was an outstanding Russian writer, poet, translator and an honorary academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. In 1933, Bunin won the Nobel Prize in Literature for "the artistry with which he develops the traditions of Russian classical prose". The role of Ivan Bunin in the history of literature and world culture cannot be overestimated. In the 20th century, his works became a worthy development and a continuation of the wonderful traditions of great Russian classical literature.

Federico Fellini, 100th birth anniversary. Federico Fellini was an outstanding Italian film director and screenwriter, winner of five Oscars as well as many other international awards. He is a recognized classic and innovator of world cinematography. His remarkable films as "La strada", "Nights of Cabiria", "La dolce vita", "8½", "Fellini's Roma", "Amarcord", "Orchestra Rehearsal" and many others, became integral parts of the treasure of world cinematic art.

Ludwig van Beethoven, 250th birth anniversary. Ludwig van Beethoven was a great German composer, pianist and representative of the "First Viennese School". The remarkable Symphony No. 5 became one of the icons of classical music, and Beethoven's famous ninth symphony became so popular and significant, that its fragment, "Ode to Joy", was chosen as the anthem of the European Union. Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the greatest composers of all time. His works had a huge impact on the development of musical art all over the world.

Raphael Santi, 500th death anniversary. Raphael Santi was a brilliant Italian painter, graphic artist and architect of the High Renaissance. His works fully reflected the humanistic ideals of the Renaissance. Raphael's famous painting "The Sistine Madonna" is without parallel in terms of perfection and is one of the most recognizable in the world. A considerable portion of the artistic riches of Rome and especially of the Vatican were created by the genial Raphael Santi. The works of this great artist had a huge impact on the subsequent development of European painting and of painting in the entire world.

For this series, KEP also issues four postcards, which are used to realize four maximum cards.

No. 153
No. 154
No. 155

Souvenir sheet no. 17
                                                No. 160

Stamps and Souvenir sheet description

No. 153. 75 KGS. Ivan Bunin (1870 - 1953)

No. 154. 100 KGS. Federico Fellini (1920 - 1993)

No. 155. 150 KGS. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)

Souvenir sheet no. 17
No. 156. 250 KGS. Raphael Santi (1483 - 1520)

Technical specifications

Paper: coated, gummed, 105 g/m².
Printing method: full-color offset lithography.

Stamps perforation: comb 14:14½.
Stamps size: 46.00 х 27.50 mm.
Stamps are issued in minisheets of 4 stamps.
Minisheets size: 113.00 x 108.00 mm.
Quantity issued: 5 000 each.
Artist: Dmitri Murahovschi, Daria Maier.
Designer: Daria Maier.

Souvenir sheet:
Perforation: comb 13 syncopated.
Stamp size: 34.00 х 68.00.
Souvenir sheet size: 92.00 x 119.00 mm.
Quantity issued: 3 500.
Designer: Vladimir Melnic.

Printer House: “Nova Imprim” (Chișinău, Moldova).

A special cancellation on FDCs will be carried out at the Bishkek KEP Office (729001) on the stamps and souvenir sheet issuing day.

For stamps: the first day covers, stamps, postcards for maximum cards and special postmark are designed by Daria Maier. Covers size: С6 (162 х 114 mm).

For souvenir sheet: the first day cover and postcard for
maximum card are designed by Vladimir Melnic.
Cover size: 190 х 130 mm.

Endorsing ink color: black.
Quantity of covers issued: 250 each.
Quantity of postcards issued: 250 each.
Covers printing method: full-color offset.
Postcards printing method: digital.

Stamps, souvenir sheet, maximum cards and FDCs can be purchased here.

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