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Newsletter no. 81
28 December 2021

COVID-19 and us

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On December 31, 2021 the Ministry of Digital Development of the Kyrgyz Republic puts into circulation a series of Kyrgyz Express Post postage stamps: "The Pamir Highway".

The Pamir Highway is a high-altitude road with a length of more than 1,200 km, connecting the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, with the important regional center of Kyrgyzstan, the city of Osh. This is the second highest highway not only in Central Asia, but in the whole world. Some of the highway’s mountain passes are at an altitude of over 4,000 meters above sea level.

The Pamir Highway is a part of the historic Silk Road that ran from China to Europe. It has always played a huge role in the development of international trade and the exchange of cultural values between various peoples. In the 21st century, this road continues to play an important infrastructural role in the socio-economic life of Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the region. At the same time, the Pamir Highway attracts many travelers with its magnificent views and vivid landscapes. According to National Geographic magazine, the Pamir Highway is in second place in the list of the top 10 most beautiful roads in the world.

KEP is confident that this issue of postage stamps will contribute to the realization of the tourism potential of Kyrgyzstan.

For this series, KEP also issues two postcards, which are used to realize two maximum cards.

No. 181
No. 182

Stamps description

No. 181. 150 KGS. Mountain serpentine

No. 182. 175 KGS. Mountain valley

Technical specifications

Paper: coated, gummed, 105 g/m².
Printing method: full-color offset lithography.
Stamps perforation: comb 14:14½.
Stamps size: 46.00 х 27.50 mm.
Stamps are issued in minisheets of 4 stamps with two labels. Stamps are also issued in a collective minisheet of 2 stamps (one complete set and two labels). Taldyk Pass Serpentine is illustrated on the labels
Minisheets size: 113 x 108 mm.
Collective minisheet size: 113 х 80 mm.
Quantity issued: 7 000 pieces each stamp, including the
quantity of the collective minisheet - 2 000 pieces.
Photographers: Dmitriy Chistoprudov and Nikolay Rykov (www.vostokphotos.ru).
Designer: Daria Maier.
Printer House: "Nova Imprim" (Chișinău, Moldova).

A special cancellation on FDC will be carried out at the Bishkek KEP Office (729001) on the stamps issuing day.
The first day cover, postcards and special cancellation
are designed by Daria Maier.
Cover size: С6 (162 х 114 mm).
Cover and postcard printing method: full-color offset.
Quantity of covers and postcards issued: 200 pieces each.
Endorsing ink color: black.

Stamps, maximum cards and FDCs can be purchased here.

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