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Newsletter no. 84
20 January 2023

Bird of the Year (IV). The House Sparrow

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    On January 30, 2023 the Ministry of Digital Development of the Kyrgyz Republic puts into circulation a 2022 Kyrgyz Express Post stamp: "Bird of the Year (IV). The House Sparrow".

    The house sparrow (Passer domesticus) is a small bird of the passerine family. This species of bird has lived next to man for thousands of years, hence the species name of “house".

    Despite some problems in relationships with humans, sparrows play an important and positive role in people's lives. During the breeding of chicks, sparrows bring undoubted benefits by exterminating many harmful insects. In the diet of the house sparrow in the fall, a large proportion comprises the seeds of weeds.

    On the one hand, there are cases of mass persecution of sparrows, but, on the other hand, there are even monuments to sparrows, built by man as a sign of gratitude for the help of these birds in the fight against insect pests. The first such monument was erected in the middle of the 19th century in Boston (USA).

    Although house sparrows are quite common on all continents, in recent years their numbers have begun to decline sharply. This is due to qualitative changes in urbanization and agribusiness, and the mass use of insecticides and pesticides. That is why the Kyrgyz Wildlife Conservation Society (KWCS) has designated the house sparrow as The Bird of the Year in Kyrgyzstan for 2022.

    By supporting the KWCS initiative, Kyrgyz Express Post hopes to contribute to the protection of biodiversity of the unique nature of Kyrgyzstan with the charitable stamp dedicated to the house sparrow. A part of the money raised from the sale of this stamp will be transferred to the fund of KWCS. KEP would like to express its special gratitude to Mr. Sergey Kulagin, for the valuable advice he provided in the preparation of this postal issue.

    For this stamp, KEP also issues a postcard, which is used to realize a maximum card.

Stamp description

No. 188. 175 + 25 KGS. The House Sparrow

Technical specifications

Paper: coated, gummed, 105 g/m².
Printing method: full-color offset lithography.
Stamp perforation: comb 14:14½.
Stamp size: 46.00 x 27.50 mm.
Stamp is issued in minisheets of 5 stamps with 1 label.
The label depicts a female house sparrow
(the stamp depicts a male house sparrow).
Minisheet size: 113 x 108 mm.
Quantity issued: 6 000 pieces.
Designer: Daria Maier.
Printer House: "Nova Imprim" (Chișinău, Moldova).

A special cancellation on FDC will be carried out at the Bishkek KEP Office (729001) on the stamp issuing day.
The first day cover and special postmark
are designed by Daria Maier.
Cover size: C6 (162 x 114 mm).
Quantity issued: 300 pieces.
Endorsing ink color: black.

Postal card for maximum card is designed by Daria Maier.
Quantity issued - 400 pieces each.

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