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21 December 2015.  Fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Horses

Kyrgyz Express Post (KEP) is issuing a souvenir sheet “Fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Horses”. This is a continuation of the series of stamps, issued in 2014. The souvenir sheet consists of two postage stamps, dedicated to the wonderful representatives of Kyrgyz fauna — horses. For the Kyrgyz people, horses where always an irreplaceable help domestically and at the same time, they were reliable comrades in battle and a source of artistic and poetical inspiration.

Date of issue 21 December 2015
Paper coated, gummed, 105 g/m²
Printing method full-color offset lithography, partial gloss finish
Designer Vladimir Melnic
Printer house Nova Imprim
Newsletter no. 8 (pdf)
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    Souvenir sheet

    Souvenir sheet.  020-21B. Fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Horses.

    Souvenir sheet consists of two stamps, depicting a light bay horse, galloping down a flatland and dark bay horse with a white mark on the forehead. On the sheet borders a typical mountain landscape of Kyrgyzstan is depicted, as well as inscriptions in Kyrgyz and English languages. A QR-code is placed in the lower left corner.

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    Size (mm) 108.00 x 80.00
    Face value (KGS) 100; 100
    KEP catalogue no. s/s 4, M20, M21
    Michel catalogue no. Block 5
    Perforation comb 141/2:14
    Quantity issued 10 000
    Scott catalogue no. 15a, 15b
    Stamp size (mm) 27.50 x 46.00
    Stanley Gibbons catalogue no. MS16
    Unificato catalogue no. Block 7
    WNS catalogue no. KG048.15, KG049.15
    Yvert et Tellier catalogue no. BF3
    Price Quantity
    200.00 KGS
    ($ 2.44)
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    First day cover

    First day cover.  F011. Fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Horses.

    For this issue we made a first day cover. The souvenir sheet is affixed to a specially designed envelope and is cancelled with a special pictorial first day cancellation.

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    Size (mm) 190.00 x 130.00
    KEP catalogue no. FDC - 11
    Quantity issued 400
    Price Quantity
    325.00 KGS
    ($ 3.96)
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    Cancelled souvenir sheet

    Cancelled souvenir sheet.  020-21BC. Fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Horses.

    25% off the face value!

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    Size (mm) 108.00 x 80.00
    Price Quantity
    150.00 KGS
    ($ 1.83)
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