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Official statement about "Stop COVID-19" FDC print run
17 June 2021

Dear friends,
With this message, we would like to make an official statement about the following situation. On December 30, 2020, we issued the "Stop COVID-19" stamp. As usual, we have prepared a first day cover with a print run of 250 copies. Due to the subsequent New Year's holidays, we did not notice how in the early days all the copies were completely sold out (mainly due to a large purchase of a dealer). This is the first time we have encountered such a situation.
Wishing to satisfy the requests of our regular customers, we have reprinted these FDCs, unfortunately, without notifying our customers about it. We apologize for this. In a future situation like this, we will clearly indicate the reprinted envelopes/cards and report their reprinting.
In the nearest future we will notify the main stamp catalogues which include information on FDCs.
If, after reading the above information you would like to return the FDCs mentioned, please write to us at kep@stamps.kg.

Update: The FDCs were reprinted in an amount which was necessary to meet the needs of our regular customers. In this regard, the additional print run will not be published in order to protect commercially sensitive information. No distinctive features were made on additional print run items.
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