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The first joint issue of KEP postage stamps
29 June 2017

An interesting phenomenon in philately is the joint stamp issue between two or more postal administrations of different countries. As a rule, such issues are dedicated to topics that unite these countries and contribute to the development of international cooperation and friendship between peoples.

This year, for the first time, KEP stamps are produced jointly with a foreign postal entity : the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Belarus have made stamps with a common design. The common theme is the love of our peoples for such wonderful animals as horses. This KEP issue includes two miniatures: one represents the Kyrgyz horse (a “Novokyrgyz” breed), and the second, a “Trakehner” horse, common in Belarus.

A popular saying is: “horses are the wings of the Kyrgyz”. This poetic definition underscores the special role of horses in the history, economic, social and cultural life of the Kyrgyz people.

The Kyrgyz horse is of ancient origin, and its history is closely connected with the history of the Kyrgyz people. About 4,000 years ago, in the steppes of the northern part of Central Asia and Siberia, nomadic Kyrgyz already bred fast and hardy steeds. Horses were indispensable helpers in the economy and they were fighting comrades in battles with enemies.

The Kyrgyz horse has always been characterised by exceptional endurance, unpretentiousness and adaptability to the conditions of the mountainous terrain.

On the postage stamp, KEP represents “Amanat”, a stallion of the Novokyrgyz breed (photo by Vladimir Voronin). This handsome racehorse was raised at the Talas Horse Plant no. 113 (director Azamat Zhumayev). Amanat is five years old, and at various national competitions, he shows good results.

The second stamp of the series represents the Belarussian “Trakehner” horse (photo by Alina Homich). The Trakehner horse breed originated in the 18th century in Germany (the name comes from the Prussian settlement of Gross Trakehnen). This breed was created primarily for cavalry, which required fast and powerful horses. Thanks to these qualities, the Trakehner horses were highly valued, not only at home, but also beyond its borders. In the USSR, the Trakehner horses first appeared in 1925, and they were used in cavalry units of the Soviet Army. Over time, the Trakehner breed lost its military significance, of course, but it was used with great success in agriculture and equestrian sport.

For this issue of postage stamps, KEP has prepared two postcards, which were used to make excellent maximum cards.

There is no doubt that the new joint issue of stamps between Kyrgyzstan and Belarus will contribute to the development of friendship and fruitful cooperation between our countries and peoples.

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