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Flora of Kyrgyzstan on KEP stamps
29 July 2016

The new issue of KEP stamps is dedicated to the flora of our country and, in particular, depicts its most beautiful representatives – the flowers of various geographical areas.

In general, flora of Kyrgyzstan is notable for its incredible variety and richness. Among the reasons for this phenomenon are: the huge range of land elevations above sea level, the complicated topography and the diversity of soils. The territory of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by almost all types of terrestrial ecosystems, typical for the Northern Hemisphere (besides the tropical one). Just the Embryophyta subkingdom alone numbers nearly 4 000 species.

The KEP series consists of four stamps and one souvenir sheet and represents the most famous flowers of Kyrgyzstan, typical for various climate zones of the country.

- Orchid Iris (Iris orchioides) — a perennial herbaceous plant, known since the ancient times and valued for its beauty and floral scent.

- Edelweiss (Leontopodium ochroleucum) — a herbaceous plant, located in the mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan. Because of its beauty and amazing ability to survive in extreme conditions, the flower of Edelweiss is considered to be one of the symbols of mountains.

- Turkestan Primula (Primula turkestanica) — a beautifully blooming herbaceous plant, whose flowers appear in early Spring, which gives this plant its name. Primula survives quite well in rocky and mountainous areas, typical for our country.

- Greig's Tulip (Tulipa greigii) — one of the most spectacular species of tulips. It blooms at the beginning of April and attracts not only with the beauty of its flowers, but also with its impressive leaves.

- Common Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) — an annual herbaceous plant, whose big bright red flowers with tender and fragrant petals adorn the Kyrgyz valleys in Summer.

The first day cover depicts another splendid flower:

- Aigul (Kyrg. “moon flower”) or, scientifically, Fritillaria eduardii, which is often mentioned in legends.

We hope that this issue will not only give an aesthetic pleasure to all postage stamp lovers, but will also impel as many people as possible to preserve and protect our beautiful nature.

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