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  • 08 August 2016

    Taking into account the importance of organizing the new World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan, the State Committee for Information Technology and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic has decided to issue a series of KEP postage stamps, consisting of three miniatures. [...]

  • 04 August 2016

    From August 5 till 21, the South American continent will host the XXXI Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Taking into account the worldwide importance of the sports event, KEP has decided to issue a series of stamps, dedicated to the Summer Olympic sports. [...]

  • 01 August 2016

    In order to send the products in a more comfortable way, Kyrgyz Express Post presents different kinds of packaging! You no longer need to choose the right size package at home - we will do it for you. [...]

  • 29 July 2016

    The new issue of KEP stamps is dedicated to the flora of our country and, in particular, depicts its most beautiful representatives – the flowers of various geographical areas. [...]

  • 28 July 2016

    Through its stamps KEP continues to introduce the general public to the peculiarities of the national hunting of Kyrgyz people. This year the series of stamps is dedicated to hunting, involving hound dogs — taigans. [...]

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